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No 18th: Down Under shots published in Digital Photographer

Out of the blue – shows the power of the ‘tinterweb – I had an email from a photo-journalist a wee while back asking if I would contribute some photos and text on shooting down under in caves as part of a feature in the Digital Photographer magazine on ‘shooting in unusual places’. It would have been rude not too…

I haven’t seen the piece yet but I’m told that it’s in the Nov/current edition of the mag. Two photographers were featured, Mathew Emmett and myself. The final piece ran over five pages as the thumbnail that Mathew was kind enough to fire me over shows.  

 Mathew’s work featured shooting in disused buildings and mine was about shooting in the caves of Derbyshire. I’ll know more about the piece when I see the actual copy but meanwhile here the shots they had to pick from…


Tim in Peak Cavern streamwayTwo Tim's in Peak Cavern streamwayJim in Giant's Cave

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