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April 17th : D800 – The First Two Weeks…

Since the start of April I’ve been on walk-about with a new toy; Nikon’s all singing, all dancing box of tricks – a.k.a. the D800. And it’s been an interesting two weeks for sure. It’s hard to deny that getting a new cam is anything other that a buzz, especially these days since the news of intended products gets leaked all over the tinterweb weeks, if not months, prior to the due date.

Nikon threw photogs a curved ball with the D800. A 36mb full frame sensor shooting at a meagre 4 f.p.s. wasn’t what many thought Nikon would replace the D700 with – not that the D700 has been replaced. Early sample images suggested that the D800 would more than give the D3x a run for it’s money – at half the price too! There those that objected to the 36mb sensor and it’s resultant c.45 mb files – “too big” they cried. They’re right; they are big, but too big? Discuss! Early sample images at high ISO suggested that the D800 would give the D4 a good work-out too in the ISO department too. Then came the news that the boffins over at DxOMark scored the D800 at 95 – “The New King of DxOMark” was their verdict, “comparable with medium-format cameras”. It appeared that Nikon had not just scored a home run but knocked the ball out of the park. Whilst web forums went into near meltdown Nikon reacted by wacking a couple of ton to the price of their new must-have – a nice touch and a sales master-stroke!

Paradoxically, since I unpacked my D800 the weather has been pretty rubbish. Consequently, I’ve spent lots of time getting to grips with the D800 in-doors and pushing the ISO up to what were previously pretty insane levels. Without more ado, I’ve added a selection of my first shots below and put more into a gallery here. Incidentally, these are all post processed using Capture NX from ‘low res’ JPEGs…



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