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Nov 24th: Be in My (2014) Calendar – Round-up

So, with Climbing 2014 shipping it’s time to round-up the 2013 ‘Be in My Calendar’ competition that was run on UKClimbing. This year the winner was David Kirsfelds and the three runners up were Luke Owens, Char and Owain Atkins.

This year we stayed in the Pennines for a day of classic grit for the photo-shoot with David. Whilst I know the Pennines pretty well and it was pretty easy to short-list a number of routes to go out and shoot, it did pose a challenge – how to shoot classic routes which have been photographed many times before.

There’s a write-up for the day and my thoughts on shooting the classics here

And finally, here’s a gallery of my favourite images from the day as well…

BIMC Winner_DSC_2963.jpgBIMC Winner_DSC_2968.jpgBIMC Winner_DSC_2992.jpgBIMC Winner_DSC_2987.jpgBIMC Winner_DSC_3019.jpgBIMC Winner_DSC_3042.jpgBIMC Winner_DSC_3088.jpgBIMC Winner_DSC_3096.jpgBIMC Winner_DSC_3139.jpg

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Nov 16th: London Calling – Part III (Whiz Bang…)

So, after a bit of a break in transmission, there’s the last instalment of the London trip which was rather a whiz bang affair; a whiz bang tour around the traditional sights and then a whiz bang tour around an out-of-tour attraction…

No matter how many times you see them, the iconic sights of London really do send a shiver down your spine; well they do me anyway! The London Eye isn’t exactly old but it’s been there more than a decade now and it’s not showing any signs of losing its attraction as yet. Nor too are the London Dungeons; no chance of a seat or four without booking ahead. Next time maybe?

So then finally to the out-of-town Warner Brothers Studio at Watford which is home to the uber sets created specifically for the filming of the Harry Potter capers. Pretty interesting tour to be honest; we went after dark and that added a certain feel to the place. Well worth a visit – even for someone who hasn’t read a single tittle from the JK Rowling pen…



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