2012 Captured

With 2012 fast disappearing in the rear view mirror I figured it’s a great time to look back and see how it stacked up…

Going through my photo archive brought some memories back which I’d filed deep away. It’s probably one of the understatements of the year but I’d say it’s been quite a challenging year as a photog! That said, I’ve added plenty of images to many of my portfolios from climbing through heritage and travel. I even started a new category of Olympic sports although I’m confident though that that particular portfolio won’t see any new additions anytime soon!

Climbing wise, the year started and finished bizarrely with Rowter Rocks. I say bizarrely because it’s some coincidence that my first and last outside climbing trips were at this off-the-beaten-track venue. As a photog I’m always really keen to explore new venues and this year it’s been some of these ‘new’ venues which has given me some great shots adding depth to my climbing portfolio. Rowter is certainly interesting, as are both Anston Stone and Nuda’s Tartan.

The joy of shooting in interesting light – read mixed, evening and twilight as well as winter light – was something of a recurring theme whether shooting climbing or other subjects. Two of the foulest days imaginable in the midst of the wettest spells ever gave me some nice waterfall shots. Jokingly, I’ve said to more than one person that next year’s calendar will be waterfalls!

I’ve pulled in a fair few heritage shots this year as well including some of Britain’s must see locations such as Fountain’s Abbey, Cragside and Lindisfarne.

The Olympics were awesome too. We managed to get seats to the ladies hockey play-off matches. Sadly, I couldn’t get field-side but shooting from the stand wasn’t all that bad!

The summer highlight for me though was a trip intoFrance toAnnecy and Chamonix. The former, sadly in the news this year for the wrong reasons, is well worth a visit – especially if you’re visiting with a family who like biking. Chamonix though was the real joy and we had just the best weather that we could have imagined. From Montenvers we visited the famous Ice Grotte as well as losing a few calories hiking along the Plan d’Aiguille. Save for a flying visit about fifteen years ago, this was my first proper return toChamonixsince my first visit in 1976! I was truly shocked at how far the Mer d’Glace has receded since then too. It’s staggering to mull over the shear loose in volume of the glacier – we should though, and we should do everything we can to help redress the balance.

Autumn saw a return to the shoddy UK weather and Simba, a new addition to the family. New skills to learn to capture that pupster! I washed-up at Whitby over Halloween. In a couple of hours I’d captured some nice night shots of the harbour and had one of the best fish and chip meals I’ve ever had – win-win!

Finally, 2012 finished photographically with the shock that images captured by modern smart phones are really quite good – assuming good light and static subjects. No-one should be afraid of getting their smart phone out and snapping away – they’re way better that you might think and as often as not you can get photo enhancer apps as well that do really reasonable basic tweaks for web/FB posts.

Here a link to the full gallery… http://www.keithsharplesphotography.co.uk/?page_id=725

Hope you enjoy – see you in 2013…

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