Oct 11th : The Printing Press was rolling…

Yep, the printing press was rolling when I left the works and the pages for Climbing:2014 were flying out the end…

It’s the final key stage in the production process which turns a set of images into a calendar. After the printing, there’s the glossy laminate to apply to the cover, then the trimming, the collation, the folding and saddle stitching to do and it’s a wrap – as they say. Fingers crossed, Climbing:2014 should be ready to ship in a week.

One of the benefits of using a local printer is that I get to see the ink going down onto the paper. And to a printing numpty (that’s me btw…) it’s both really interesting and pretty darned impressive. There’s more buttons and dials than you’d ever imagine and the press itself has the proportions of a giant photocopier on steroids. Ian, the printer, was very accommodating and we had an cracking conversation about climbing and photography as well as the colour of various rocks in the calendar including Sissy Crag (featured in December) down under.

As I left I went to grab a couple of snaps with my phone. “Is it ok if I grab some shots for my blog”, I asked. “Sure”, Ian said – “just make sure that you get my Villa badge in”. Given he was the man printing my calendar I figured it would be plain daft to pass any negatory comment – so I didn’t!

So here’s the snaps – complete with Villa memorabilia. Check out the proof and page pull in the viewing booth. If anyone fancies that they can name the crags in the shots drop me an email and name the two crags featured. First correct answer gets a complimentary copy of the calendar!

Calendar Proofs_04_Web Res.jpgCalendar Proofs_01_web res.jpgCalendar Proofs_03_Web Res.jpg

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