Oct 28th: London Calling – Part I (Canons Asby, Camden, Covent Garden and King’s Cross)…

It’s half term so time to spend a few days as a family away from all the usual day to day stuff. Last year we went up to the North York Moors and hung out with the Goths in Whitby, this year we headed down south to London. Far from leaving the camera kit at home it’s a great opportunity to go off-piste and add a few travel, heritage and street photography images to the archive…Travelling down we veered off into the middle of rural Northamptonshire and dropped into Canons Ashby – an Elizabethan manor house in an 18th-century garden. A double quick stroll around the garden was all we got as we arrived bang on closing time – doh! The wall-clad ivy was a stark reminder – if needed – that we were well into autumn.

Autumn at Canons Ashby










For our first day proper we hit the City; Camden Lock to be precise. The contrast couldn’t have been more stark! Camden was rammed with everything and everybody. Halloween seemed like the running theme but really it was business as (un)usual with the mass of things to see and of course buy. By complete fluke – and good fortune – we arrived at the food stalls at lunchtime; nice!

Following a quick spin around the National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square we were off to Covent Garden for a nose at the street life there which feels a bit like La Ramblas in Barcelona albeit in miniature.

Covent Garden, London’s answer to La Ramblas in Barcelona










Finally, a trip to Platform 93/4 at Kings Cross was demanded by the young ‘uns. The hour-long queue to hang-off the famous shopping trolley was tons of time to snap a few shots of the impressive new roof at Kings Cross …

King’s Cross Station










Here’s a gallery of shots…

c91-Canons Ashby_DSC_4301.jpgc38-Canons Ashby_DSC_4303.jpgc98-Canons Ashby_DSC_4306.jpgc66-Canons Ashby_DSC_4315.jpgc94-Canons Ashby_DSC_4313.jpgLondon Calling_DSC_4336.jpgLondon Calling_DSC_4326.jpgLondon Calling_DSC_4337.jpgLondon Calling_DSC_4339.jpgLondon Calling_DSC_4342.jpgLondon Calling_DSC_4370.jpgLondon Calling_DSC_4397.jpgLondon Calling_DSC_4411.jpgLondon Calling_DSC_4431.jpgLondon Calling_DSC_4482.jpgLondon Calling_DSC_4448.jpgLondon Calling_DSC_4459.jpgLondon Calling_DSC_4465.jpg

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