2014 Captured

New Year sunrise over the MerseyPerch Rock LighthouseNightskies over Hope Valley, Peak DistrictMartin Smith cranking it out in F-BO14 finalShana Coxsey keeping her eye in during F-BO14 finalStuart Littlefair finding solutions during F-BO14 finalOld pro found in the ivy at Garage Buttress, StoneyKris Clemmow nailing yet another Garage Buttress F8aplus Selfie during shoe testing at Hamper Hang, StanageRiglosCrux pitch on Fiesta du los BicepsFinal steep pitch on Fiesta du los BicepsFiesta du los BicepsMorning view over RiglosSpring flowersMore spring flowerBlue bellsWild garlic #1Wild garlic #2Sunset over Stanage #1Sunset over Stanage #2Selfie of me climbing at The BreckThe Massive (F6bplus) Plum Buttress, Chee DaleDunstanburgh Castle from the southDunstanburgh Castle from the northDunstanburgh Castle from the rocky shorelineCraster harbourRoad Art - La Grand DepartThe arrival - La Grand DepartStage leaders grinding out the Cote du JawboneYellow Jersey (not) lovin' Cote du JawboneOpen road for the Cat3/4 leader at Sheffield CriteriumFarewell to Dino - Sheffield CriteriumFinishing laps of the Sheffield CriteriumKitty, Daisy and Lewis, Camp Bestival 2014Courtney Pine, Camp Bestival 2014Johnny Marr - Camp Bestival 2014James - Camp Bestival 2014Sineade O'Conner - Camp Bestival 2014Basement Jaxx - Camp Bestival 2014Surfing @ Bude #1Surfing @ Bude #2Surfing @ Bude #3Surfing @ Bude #4Robin Barker looking for the Clinical Edge (Font 7b), Hartland QuayIconic Spitfire - Clacton AirshowAerial Shanagins - Clacton AirshowRed Arrows #1 - Clacton AirshowRed Arrows #2 - Clacton AirshowRed Arrows #3 - Clacton AirshowRed Arrows #4 - Clacton AirshowRed Arrows #5 - Clacton AirshowRed Arrows #6 - Clacton AirshowNighfalls over Sandend, North York MoorsThomason-Foss @ Beck Hole, GoatlandStraw bales and blue skiesTeam Reeve running off Higgar Tor - Peak DistrictTeam Reeve running away from Higgar Tor - Peak DistrictJenny Stafford-Curtis and Becky Lounds on Curbar Edge - Peak DistrictWild deer on White Edge, Peak DistrictWild deer and Higgar Tor, Peak DistrictChatswort Estate, Peak DistrictChatsworth Deer #1Chatsworth Deer #2Tony Whithouse running above Stanage - Peak DistrictTony Whithouse running off Stanage - Peak DistrictTony Whithouse running away from Stanage - Peak DistrictTony Whithouse pounding the Houndkirk Road - Peak DistrictFree Monster (F8a), The Cornice, W-C-JKaren Whitehouse is Up the River without a Paddle (F6cplus ), The Cornice, Chee DaleChris Coleman on Old Man River Direct (F7bplus), The Cornice, Chee DaleJohn Roberts on Stung (F7bplus), Nettle Buttress, Chee DaleToby Dunn on Atlantic Realm (F7cplus ), Long Wall, Chee DaleKris Clemmow stretching out on Mystical Attainment (F7c), Long Wall, Chee DalePete Hart on Brothers in Arms (F7bplus), Long Wall, Chee DalePowerplant (F8a), The Cornice, Chee DaleLizza and Nik Cook alongside Errwood Reservior - Peak DistrictLizza and Nik Cook leaving the Cat and Fiddle - Peak DistrictSarah and Tony Whitehouse heading up William Clough, Peak DistrictSarah and Tony Whitehouse heading heading towards Kinder Downfall, Peak DistrictTony Whitehouse near Kinder Downfall, Peak DistrictJon Barton coming up Jacob's Ladder, Peak DistrictJon Barton near Edale Cross, Peak DistrictIan Winterburn heading off up Hey Moss, Peak DistrictIan Winterburn leaving Black Hill summit, Peak DistrictIan Winterburn running down Doctor's Gate, Peak DistrictIan Winterburn nearing the end of Doctor's Gate, Peak DistrictRosie Walwyn on outskirts of Bakewll, Peak DistrictRosie Walwyn heading towards Bakewll, Peak DistrictBecky Lounds and myself running through Chee Dale Tunnels, Peak DistrictBecky Lounds and myself crossing the Wye, Peak DistrictSteve Fraklin down in Dove Dale, Peak DistrictAutuminal fungiiThe Tree of Light, Surprise View, Peak DistrictThe Surprise View, Peak District