2012 Captured

Domes (Font 7a ) @ Rowter Rock - Big Tom crusingEastwood Traverse (Font 7b ) @ Eastwood Rocks - Dan Cheetham in actionBrincliffe Park, Sheffield - sledge-central in Feb??? (Font 7c) @ Anston Stone - Chris Lockyer in dynamic modeCurbar Gap and full moon from Calver BridgeStainsby Mill, Derbyshire - lovin' the dynamic rangeMuseum of Science and Industry, Manchester - men and their machinesPeak Sunset - looking west from Stoney Ridge RoadFountains AbbeyFountains AbbeySt Mary's Church near Fountains AbbeyCragside, NorthumberlandThe Fireplace @ Cragside, NorthumberlandLindisfarne - from the beachLindisfarne - the kitchenA soggy EdinburghThe Trossachs National ParkThe Trossachs National ParkTarantula (Font 7c) @ Nuda's Tartan - ??? captured during a sting raidLittle Plum (F8a) @ Stoney - Mark Pretty sealing the deal after 20 odd yearsShauna Coxsey reaching for the stars during Cliffhanger 2012Frustration (E2 6a) @ Lawrencefield - Neil Foster caught in beautiful evening lightWaddage (F8b) @ Raven Tor - no problem for Ed HamerCall of Nature (F8a) @ Raven Tor - a new classic from Mark PrettyWhy Me? (F7c) @ Two Tier, Chee Dale - Jules Littlefair punching out the cruxStumped (M11) @ White Goods - Ramon Marin giving masterclass in Figure 4Pull my Daisy (E2 5c) @ Rainbow Slab - Becky Lounds stepping outGerman Schoolgirl (E2 5c) @ Rainbow Area - Becky Lounds heading for homeManatese (E4 6a) @ Rainbow Area - Tim Lounds weighing up the final crackGoliath (E5 6a) @ Burbage South - Pete Whittaker giving crack masterclassLadies Hockey, London 2012Ladies Hockey, London 2012Ladies Hockey, London 2012Ladies Hockey, London 2012Ladies Hockey, London 2012Ladies Hockey, London 2012Annecy, FranceGrand Bornard, France - summer feteSixt Valley, France - sunshine after the rainThe Dru, Chamonix, FranceThe Midi, Chamonix, FranceGrand Jorasess, Chamonix, FranceThe Aiguillies, Chamonix, France - sunsetThe Dru, Chamonix, France - sunsetThe Midi, Chamonix, France - sunsetChamonix at Night, France Marmot, Mont Dolphin, Durance Valley, FranceBrimstone (E2 5c) @ Millstone - Neil Foster pumping it out in evening lightSimba - the pupseterWhitby Harbour @ NightWhitby Swingbridge @ NightSheffield Rail Station @ NightThe King of Ming (F7b ) @ Stoney - Paul Reeve latching the cruxMermaid (Font 7a) @ Burbage Bridge - nite action anyone?Nutjob (Font 6a) @ Baslow - rough grit at it's absolute bestChatsworth, Peak DistrictMy Buddy the Apple (Font 7c) @ Rowter - Mike and Tim in actionPadley Gorge, The Peak DistrictPadley Gorge, The Peak District