Andy Kirkpatrick – Cold Wars (Paperback)

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Title: Andy Kirkpatrick - Cold Wars (Paperback)


Publisher: V-Publishing
Author: Andy Kirkpatrick
Published: 2013
Paperback: (includes colour plates)

Price: £12.99

Andy Kirkpatrick – Cold Wars (Paperback)

Cold Wars won the 2012 Boardman Tasker Award.  Andy’s publishing record is the envy of many; books published - two, awards won - two!

The long-awaited sequel to the award-winning Psychovertical, Cold Wars, see’s the Andy Kirkpatrick in print and at his best. His is a particular kind of climbing that just brings out the grip in gripping. Famed for his stand-up comedy act and big wall escapades, Andy is equally at home in the mountains where he seeks the most demanding of targets.

Cold Wars, inevitably, is all about what it says on the cover – cold climbs on the edge where the participants have to fight for their lives. The stages are the big walls in the Alps andPatagonia–ordinarily no push over – although the final twist of the knife is that the climbs are tackled in the depths of the winter!

Cold Wars is about climbing on the edge but it’s also about human endeavour and the personal cost that it entails. It’s no easy path to navigate so wrap up warm before sitting down for the battle.


Price: £12.99

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